Vietnam and Facebook – Access or no?

Catching up.

Tom Crampton has a nice little piece on Facebook and Vietnam. (Facebook’s Vietnam War)

Bottom line, as much as Vietnam would like to be as rigid as China on access to social media sites, it ain’t:

As it has been explained to me, unlike China – where the government owns the links to the outside world – Vietnam’s links to the global Internet are run by private companies.

While it may seem to make little difference on one level, since these companies will want to obey the government’s orders to block a website, it does also give the companies an economic incentive to ignore something that would be unpopular among their customers.

As a result, Vietnam’s government orders a block on a site like Facebook are follow and ignored in equal measures. There has never been a blanket ban of the sort imposed by Beijing on the Internet.

And remember that access to social media sites is just part of the over all battle for freedom of speech, press  and expression.


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One response to “Vietnam and Facebook – Access or no?

  1. JB

    you need a little tips to access facebook in Vietnam

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