Interesting take on WikiLeaks from Cuban blogger

Yoani Sánchez, award-winning blogger in Cuba, had an interesting look at the whole WikiLeaks situation.

One point is the one made over and over by diplomats and observers of the global scene:

What happened in recent days will significantly change how governments manage information and also the ways through which we citizens get a hold of it.

But then she looks at the domestic situation in Cuba.

But also — let’s not fool ourselves — those regimes that are based on silence and the lack of transparency, will reinforce the protection of their secrets, or avoid putting them in writing….This lesson has already been practiced for decades, if not, when the day comes that those Cuban archives will be declassified, I will be searching them to see if they record the name of the person who decided to execute the three men who hijacked a ferry in 2003 to emigrate.

And she is right. The last thing any dictator wants is for a paper trail to exist of  who did what during the periods of repression. Because one of these days, the dictators will fall. And those who tortured and killed in the name of that dictatorship will have to be held accountable.

I can hardly wait to see what Yoani has to say about Ecured.


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