1 Tweet = 1 Year of Jail Time in China

Radio Free Asia reports that a Chinese bride-to-be who wrote an anti-Japanese message on Twitter has ended up with a sentence of one year in a labor camp. And this all happened on her wedding day.

Seems Cheng Jianping, was sent to undergo “re-education through labor” for “disturbing social order” when she re-Tweeted a Twitter comment urging nationalist protesters to smash Japan’s pavilion at the Shanghai Expo and added the words “Charge, angry youth.”

Amnesty International told the Washington Post that “Cheng may be the first Chinese citizen to become a prisoner of conscience on the basis of a single tweet.”

Cheng’s fiance and family did not know she was arrested for about 18 days. And even then, it took another couple of weeks to get an official explanation for what happened.

The story first appeared in a report from Radio Free Asia and was then picked up by the BBC. From there, other news outlets grabbed hold of the story.  Following the links in Boing Boing, you end up at the Washington Post blog page rather than a news page. But at least the story is getting around.

I guess China is still working on that freedom of expression and rule of law thing that Premier Wen told Fareed Zakaria was so important to the future of his country.

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