Local self interest often good enough to run an international story

In an example of local interests prompting international coverage, the Houston Chronicle this week had an editorial about the Brazilian election. (Ready to lead. Brazil: South America’s bright spot)

Okay, it took the paper a while to realize that the largest country south of the United States had a major election just a couple of days before the U.S. midterm. But they finally got there.

And the reason the Chronicle was so concerned about the outcome of the Brazilian election? Simple domestic self-interest.

Of particular interest to many in Houston, Brazil has benefited from the discovery of rich offshore oil and gas reserves now under development and has Latin America’s second-largest petroleum reserves, behind only Venezuela. Thus, there are important strategic connections to be made between this city and Brazil in the energy area.

Now if the Chronicle could just step up its coverage of Brazil — beyond floods and historic elections — it might add some weight to these words.


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