Good news for free press in Brazil

Dilma Rousseff won her campaign for president Oct. 31 with an impressive 58% of the vote. (Of course that was in the second round of presidential voting.)

The good news for Brazilian media came in Dilma’s acceptance speech (with rough translation):

Zelarei pela mais ampla e irrestrita liberdade de imprensa (I will ensure the widest and unrestricted freedom of the press.)

and in a phrase similar to Thomas Jefferson’s comment that if he had to choose between a Republic with no free press or no government, he would readily prefer to have no government:

Disse e repito que prefiro o barulho da imprensa livre ao silêncio das ditaduras. (I said and repeat that I prefer the noise of a free press to the silence of dictatorship.)

But we will have to see if the words match the action.

President Lula also said he supports a strong and free press. Yet he also set up a conference to provide “social control” of the media. (That plan, still in committee, could die off if Dilma stands up to far left-wing elements of her governing coalition.)

For now, Dilma is on the record in strong support of free and unfettered media in Brazil.

And I am sure the media in Brazil will hold her to that. (Just try to stop them!)



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