Spam cut thanks to Russians

Hardly journalism but…

The Russian government moved against e-mail spammers in their country and lightened the load of the world’s inboxes.

The New York Times reports that a major effort by the Russian government shut down a major spam operator this week.

On Tuesday, police officials here announced a criminal investigation of a suspected spam kingpin, Igor A. Gusev. They said he had probably fled the country.

Moscow police authorities said Mr. Gusev, 31, was a central figure in the operations of, which paid spammers to promote online pharmacies, sometimes quite lewdly. suddenly stopped operating on Sept. 27. With less financial incentive to send their junk mail, spammers curtailed their activity by an estimated 50 billion messages a day.

Not that this will end the spamming but — as you can see on the left — it did allow our spam filters to work just a bit easier.

Now, if you want to deal with the “please help me get money out of my country” scams…

Go to Scam-o-rama to see what the folks there do to the Lads from Lagos. The real fun comes when people submit their letters that string along the scammers.

Personally I like the “Good Grief!” counterscam:

Charles Brown has a plan to smuggle US$7.5 million out of Nigeria, and he thinks he has found the man for the job – Malcolm Reynolds… I threw it off script. Hoo-rah!

And then some other 419 scammers found themselves drawn into this tale… They didn’t know what they’d got into.

With the passage of time, I wove other baits into the tale… mostly as long as Charles Soludo was somehow involved; thus creating what I call a ‘cascade bait’.


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