Business links and perceptions around the world

If you believe the political rhetoric during this campaign season you would think that the government is out to destroy all businesses with paperwork and taxes.

Yet, a recent Gallup poll show showed that 52 percent of Americans and Canadians say that their governments will allow their businesses to make a lot of money.

Now compare that to Latin America and Europe and you can see that the confidence level is much lower.

While it does not make a person any happier knowing that some one else is less happy — comparing the problems businesses have in Latin America, for example, to those in the United States. But it can help put a situation in perspective.

And putting things in perspective — or offering context — is one of the things that good journalists are supposed to do. The problem for most journalists is knowing where to get the information to get the context.

Because polls are lots and lots of numbers, many journalists shy away from them.

For others it is just a lack of awareness that there are local and global links to these issues.

And let’s talk about government attitude toward businesses in Latin America.

Across the board, the perception is that governments in Latin America hinder business development.

Of course, that does not mean the governments — local, state and national — in the United States are off the hook. But it can help explain why foreign companies like coming to the United States to set up shop.

It is just plain less difficult to do business here than elsewhere.

And, there is a firm belief — by business owners — that the U.S. government is more willing to let owners make lots and lots of money.

Sometimes stories just need a little perspective. And a sure-fire way to offer a different perspective is to look at what is happening in other parts of the world.

A good reporter might even look around at local businesses and identify companies owned or partly owned by foreign investors. Finding out why the foreign investors spend money in the United States could help explain what otherwise might be a boring economic story.



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