Pakistan: No to Facebook but yes to jihad

Thanks to Danny O’Brien at CPJ and his excellent blog, Internet Blotter, for bringing this issue up.

I regularly read the Pakistan publication DAWN but for the business news. (It helps with my regular reporting on the area to know what the local media are saying.) But I missed this little tidbit from earlier this month: Hate on the Internet.

Seems the Pakistani government is worried about YouTube videos of the president telling some one to “shut up” but now worried about sites that “exhort Muslims to rise up against the United States and India.”

To be clear, I am not arguing for increased censorship.  I am arguing against all censorship.

Yet it seems the Pakistani government has a two-faced approach to what is good for its people and what is bad. Now this is hardly surprising. But it is disappointing.

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Filed under Freedom of access, Freedom of Information, Harassment, Press Freedom

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