Party elders in China call for freedom of speech

It just gets harder for the official forces in China who think that giving the Nobel Peace Prize to free speech activist Liu Xiaobo is an insult to the Nobel Committee and China.

The BBC reports that 23 Communist Party elders have called for an end to the country’s restrictions on freedom of speech. They also said journalists should be given protection when they investigate official corruption.

Chinese veteran politicians call for reform

The authors included a former personal secretary to Mao Zedong and a former editor of the People’s Daily.

They also pointed out the uncomfortable fact that all the censorship activities run by the government and ruling party violate China’s constitution.

The letter says: “They violate our constitution, often ordering by telephone that the works of such and such a person cannot be published, or that such and such an event cannot be reported in the media.

“The officials who make the call do not leave their names, and the secrecy of the agents is protected, but you must heed their phone instructions.”

Not that pointing out such things in the past has any effect on the leadership.

Still, it is nice to see that even those who were right in the middle of massive censorship efforts in the past have seen the errors of their ways.

And let us also not forget that Premier Wen Jibao is on the record saying that freedom of expression is needed for China to progress.



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