Once you get past the crazy, Iran is just another repressive place

Reporters Uncensored has a contribution to HuffPost that talks about the situation in Iran. And it makes points already made here and in many other places…
But are still important to make.

[Iranian president Ahmadinejad’s] anti-imperialist rhetoric, though compelling to some, is obviously designed to draw attention away from Iran’s inhuman treatment of women, homosexuals, human rights activists and cyber-dissidents. He is not, as he wants the world to believe, the creator of a new world order. He is simply a fear-monger whose brutality follows the model established by a long line of authoritarian governments—so nothing new here.

and his rhetoric appeals to those with similar desires to use anti-imperialism to hide gross violations of human rights in their own country. Hence the alliances with places such as Venezuela and Bolivia.

I recently questioned President Evo Morales from Bolivia on the Iranian President’s efforts to create a new coalition to defend against imperialist nations (i.e. The United States).. Morales replied ” Iran has the right to defend itself… If robbers break into your house, you have to protect your family.”


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