Domincan bus owners attack journalists

Dominican Today reports that a reporter and photographer for Diario Libre were attacked by two different groups of public bus operators.

The bus owners/drivers were members of two different collectives the CONATRA and FENATRANO. The groups called a work stoppage over disputes of passenger poaching and road blockage.

The two journalists were covering the dispute when the drivers turned on them.

Armed with knives called “liver cutters” machetes, bats and stones the drivers furiously rushed and surrounded the reporters who managed to flee and come out alive thanks to the quick response by Police agents.

Violence in strikes — or for that matter any dispute — in the Dominican Republic is common.

The reporters were “lucky” they were only attacked with machetes, bats and stones. It has been my experience that way too many people in the DR carry guns.

I have often told people that the gun ownership — and use — in the Dominican Republic makes Texas look like Sweden.

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