Another loss for Mexico: El Diario de Juarez self censors

The war against journalists in Mexico is one of the worst kept secrets in the world. Even the mainstream media in the States has begun to report on what is happening to their colleagues south of the border. (A little late but they are finally getting there.)

Besides the deaths — 30 since 2006 — the death toll includes news organizations and journalism ethics.

The latest death of journalism came in Juarez when the local newspaper it would restrict reporting on the drug wars. The announcement came after the paper buried its second reporter in as many years.

The choice of death or self-censorship is one an ever-growing number of Mexican media outlets face.

The Committee to Protect Journalists has a report on the situation: Silence or Death

The Inter American Press Association continues to run the Impunity Project in the hopes that eventually enough pressure will be brought on governments to actually prosecute the killers of working journalists.

The big failure I have seen in much of the reporting about the violence in Mexico’s norther border towns is that the reporters focus on the violence. Too many reports come out sounding as if the only way anyone can go out and do anything is to dodge bullets each day.

We know this is not true.

I would like to know where’s the coverage of media intimidation. Clearly there are problems getting local and national government entities to address the issue. The free and independent media have become the only way people can get information and register their distaste for the situation.

Kill the free press and the political rights of the Mexicans are also killed.

The stakes are much higher than many in the U.S. are reporting. How about we get off the stick and start doing something serious about it?

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