NPR gets there ahead of CBS, but where are the local stories?

Back in July, NPR did a story about how American taste buds are changing. And I talked about how it could have made a perfect Local-Global story. (A spicy nation — and why. Local-Global stories waiting to happen)

That was July 30.

CBS News stepped up with a similar story August 13  – Spice Usage Soars, Seasoning U.S. Melting Pot.

And yet, no one seems to understand that there are so many opportunities for local stories out of this topic.

I did a quick Google search (under NEWS) for “spice usage” and “”McCormick spices.” I got press releases about the company, the NPR and CBS stories, and one blogged item from the Seattle Weakly (It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here: U.S. Spice Consumption On the Rise).

I also got local stories about the drug SPICE, the Old SPICE web ad and the SPICE Girls.

Are local editors and journalists really that unimaginative that they are failing to see the stories right in front of them?

Even in the DC-Baltimore area. Come on guys, McCormick Spice is located in your neighborhood. What are the employment figures for the plant? Have they increased/decreased recently? How have sales been going? What are the hottest new best sellers?

For folks outside the DC-Baltimore area — what are sales like in your neck of the woods? How have local stores changed their shelf items (if they have)?

And, I go back to using the spice angle as a hook to look at the larger demographic changes in a community. What spices are being sold more now than a few years ago? What nationalities like those spices? What changes have happened in the immigrant community?

All easily researched items and all fodder for local stories that help explain and describe the community.

And all local stories with an international connection.


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