Clave Digital closes: A great loss for the DR

Clave Digital, which started as an online news organization in 2004, announced it will be shutting down.

GOOGLE Translation of announcement: Executive Weekly reports official closure of Key and Key Digital

This is a serious blow to professional journalism in the Dominican Republic.

Clave was an upstart news organization that said from the beginning it would not be beholden to any business, social or political organization. And it lived up to that promise.

Clave regularly broke stories about corruption that other news organizations in the country ignored.

When Dave Carlson, the former president of the Society of Professional Journalists, visited the Dominican Republic in 2005, he gave Clave founder and executive editor Fausto Rosario Adames a copy of the SPJ Code of Ethics in Spanish. Adames read over the document. He asked Carlson a number of questions about how the code was developed and how it was received by American journalists.

At the end of the discussion, Adames asked Carlson for permission to use the SPJ code — in its entirety — as a code of ethics for Clave.

When Clave started a monthly print journal, Adames announced that ALL employees of Clave would have to sign a contract that held them to the code of ethics. He then publicly thanked the SPJ for allowing his news organization to use the code.

In the years that I read Clave and from the discussions I have had with people about journalism in the Dominican Republic, it seems as if Adames and his crew lived up to the SPJ code.

The journalism landscape will be much more barren without the feisty and ethical Clave


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