Singapore called on to stop harassment of journalist

The Asian Human Rights Commission sent out a letter from the International Federation for Human Rights in support of journalist Alan Shadrake.

An Open Letter from the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)

Seems Shadrake wrote a book that questioned the impartiality and independence of the Singapore judicial system and got arrested for it.

The FIDH said Shadrake was reportedly kept awake for interrogation for extended period of time and he asked to explain each of the chapters in his book, his research and the reasons behind authoring the book. Shadrake was critical of the use of the death penalty in his book.

The FIDH said the action by the Singapore judiciary creates a climate of fear and restricts the openness of public discussion on sensitive issues. The organization adds that investigative journalism is not a crime in Singapore. Therefore, the arrest of Shadrake  brings into question the independence and integrity of the very institution it is accusing Mr. Shadrake of impugning, namely its judiciary.

For all its official pronouncements of allowing free and open discussion, the Singapore government more often acts like a petty dictatorship than a liberal democracy.

But of course, we have known for a long time the true nature of Singapore’s government. Remember this is the government that banned gum chewing because too many people would toss their gum on the street instead of using a trash bin.


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One response to “Singapore called on to stop harassment of journalist

  1. My heart goes with Mr. Shadrake. As a fellow Asian journalist i commend his courage by expressing his thoughts about the pressing issues in Singapore.
    May the Singapore government open their eyes on the possibility of a more free society by guaranteeing freedom of press in their country

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