Georgian editor beaten, MPs implicated

Temur Tskhovrebov, editor of 21st Century in Tskhinvali, Georgia was attacked and severely beaten July 24. His friend Tskhinvali-based human rights defender Besarion Aseev said Tskhovrebov was beaten by around ten people leveling threats against him with guns.

According to Besarion Aseev the attackers included legislators from the local People’s Party and the Communist Party.

Besarion Aseev said Tskhovrebov’s beating is related to his civil activities.

On July 16 he took part in the Georgian-Ossetian civil forum that sent an appeal to the Geneva talks’ seeking a peaceful end to the fighting taking place in Georgia. The appeal was seen as an act of  treason against the separatist Ossetian state interests.

“Around ten people including three incumbent MPs Kazimir Pliev, Dmitri Vaneev and Alan Khasiev launched an attack against Tskhovrebov in Isaak Kharebov Street. Temur has his finger broken on one hand, and the throat slashed. His head and lip have been stitched. Ahead of the incident Osinform and TV aired Boris Chochiev’s speech. He declared the people having taken part in the Georgian-Ossetian forum as traitors. Tskhovrebov’s beating is the consequence of Chochiev’s statement. The latter accused the newspaper editor of betraying the interest of Ossetia.”

Full report: Tskhinvali-based Newspaper Editor Severely Beaten


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  1. harassment and impunity is like the hanging sword of Damocles. let us fight and defend press freedom.

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