IFJ monthly summary of Chinese media repression

First posted at SPJ International Journalism Committee site.

The International Federation of Journalists has an excellent summary of more examples of Chinese suppression of its media. (And thanks to IFEX for publicizing the report.)

IFJ Press Freedom in China Campaign Bulletin – July 2010

Highlights of the report, which are not surprising given China’s track record of press suppression, are:

  1. Media Blackout Envelopes First Anniversary of Xinjiang Unrest
  2. Attack on Journalist Who Exposed Genetic Mutations in Crops
  3. Editors Detained, Beaten and Interrogated in Chengdu
  4. IFJ Condemns Sentence of Sichuan Writer After Failed Appeal
  5. Journalist Fined, Demoted for Publicising Ban
  6. Ban on Publishing Improved Salaries
  7. Correspondent Detained for Photographing Strike Action
  8. Police Investigation of Journalists Prompts Group Action
  9. New Civil Law Encourages Self-Censorship

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