New Course: Reporting Global Issues Locally

It is so nice to see the Poynter News University run a self-guided course on the very thing I (and a few others) have been harping on for so many years.

Local and global issues are linked. Editors and publishers who fail to see these links and who fail to allow reporters the leeway to report on those connections do readers/viewers/listeners a disservice.

No the News University is running a class to help established journalists see the links.

Reporting Global Issues Locally

I particularly like the second and third grafs of the class description:

Every day, reporters and editors in small- and medium-sized newsrooms miss opportunities for great stories because they don’t know how to take ownership of major international news.

Most big international stories have ripples that reach even the smallest of communities. “Reporting Global Issues Locally” will show you how to find the local angle in the broadest of international stories.

Again, this is the kind of stuff many of us have been saying is important to not only good local journalism, but also to the survival of local media outlets.


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