No surprise: Hanoi wants to control info on the Internet

Thanks to a feed from IFEX we continue to see how dictators hate the idea of access to information other than spoon-feed government propaganda.

Vietnam is following in the footsteps of China in requiring Internet cafes to install monitoring software to limit and track users’ Internet experience.

Internet café owners ordered to install applications blocking certain websites

And, like in China, Google is the one making the order public. Now we have to see if Google will raise a fuss as they did in China.

So far, the issue is Vietnamese Internet cafes being ordered to install monitoring software. The government is not ordering Google to censor itself. So maybe Google will stay out of this fight.

And Digital Kismet asks an interesting question:

So why isn’t this regulation getting much press?

The media has remained distant from this issue in a surprising way. Besides a few articles being written when the Vietnamese government first released this regulation, there has been little chatter or commentary about the issue. Last week, Computer World re-introduced the topic with an article, but it’s hard to ignore this vacuous space existing around this in the press.

Vietnam’s new Green Dam.


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