Trafficking is a local and international issue

Got a Tweet from Adam Savage (he of Mythbusters fame) about a person in Washington, D.C. trying to help a couple of Russian women who seem to be caught up in a trafficking in persons (TIP) case.

Help me help my friend in DC

Chances are the women got in way over their heads or are just naive. But from the description in the postings, this is clearly a case of trafficking.

What is interesting in the stream of messages is the list of LOCAL operations to help people caught up in this disgusting practice.

Generally when one thinks of TIP, images of Asian or Haitian children being sold into prostitution someplace other than the USA comes to mind. It is much more than that. And it takes place in the States.

As the links in this message stream point out, it is so serious that police agencies IN the US have special offices to deal with the issue.

So, where do these people come from and how pervasive is it in the States?

Hard to tell from the the US media. Maybe a few enterprising reporters could look into it. Nailing down a LOCAL story along these lines could help build (and maybe even save) a journalist’s career.



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