Story idea: Teachers looking for work. Why not look offshore?

The recession and massive budget deficits are causing no end of pain in the U.S. school systems. Teachers are being laid off and those places that are hiring are getting flooded with applications.

New York Times: Teachers Facing Weakest Market in Years

But where are the stories that talk about an alternative to looking for work in the States?

Both of my sons looked at education for their college degrees — one stayed with it — largely so they could be part of the international school circuit.

They fell in love with living abroad. (What would you expect from children of a successful diplomat?) And they knew that eventually they would have to find their own way to live overseas.

So almost every day I see stories about the massive layoffs taking place in U.S. school systems. It is a tragedy and one that should not happen. And the teachers being laid off are generally younger and just starting in the field. They have the best opportunities to pull up and live overseas.

But where are the stories talking about this option?

Where are the stories about successful teachers who have made careers living around the world?

The Seattle news organizations should be all over this. For some reason we kept running into a lot of teachers from the Seattle area as we moved from country to country.

There are plenty of opportunities. Besides the private schools, there are U.S. curriculum schools on U.S. military bases around the world that need teachers.

A good place to start looking at a story about American teachers living and working abroad is the State Department’s page on overseas education.

And to be clear, I am not talking about the fly-by-night “teach English” abroad programs. There are plenty of jobs for real teachers in real schools.

It would be nice to see some stories about them.


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