Follow up: Dominican reporters stay on case of possible corruption

The other day there was a story about Dominican journalists being shot at while they were tracking down a story about improper use of government material. (Dominican journalists shot at while on a story)

Now there is a follow up from DR1:

Alicia Ortega follows politicians

On her Monday TV show, Alicia Ortega presented evidence that relatives and candidates with ties to governmental National Lottery administrator Enrique Martinez have benefited from the distribution of appliances and other household goods from the National Lottery, as reported in Diario Libre and Hoy.

Ortega showed footage of the goods being distributed to candidates for senator Tommy Galan (PLD-San Cristobal) and Cristina Lizardo (PLD-Province of Santo Domingo), Amarilis Santana (PLD-La Romana), deputy Tobias Crespo and others who were described as “very close” to the manager of the National Lottery. Santana, who is running for senator for the PLD in La Romana, is married to Enrique Martinez.

Martinez said that Lottery personnel had fired shots at the film crew (as reported in yesterday’s DR1 news) because they thought the reporters were assailants.

See the report at:


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