Follow up: News in 140 characters from Cuba

Earlier I posted a report from the WWW2010 about a Korean report on how Twitter was more of a news service than just a social network.  (Twitter: An news service limited to 140 characters)

Well, we it is nice to know that the scientific process backs up what some people already knew.

In Twitter: That Wild Beast, Cuban blogger and free press advocate Yoani Sanchez talks about Twitter as a news service.

It is true that we broadcast blindly and that we cannot read our readers’ replies or references, but at least we are reporting on the Island in 140 character fragments.

Always thinking in terms of conspiracies, agents and plots, [the Cuban police] haven’t noticed that the technologies have turned every citizen into his or her own mass media. It is no longer foreign correspondents who validate a given story in the eyes of the world, but rather, increasingly, it is our own forays on Twitter that are turned into informative references.

We saw in Iran and China how Twitter has become a major source for news unfettered by the national censors. Here again is validation of that.


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