Local-Global: Threat to South Park creators came from DC area

Foxnews.com got an exclusive on the guy who threatened Matt Stone and Trey Parker for their attempt to use and image of Mohammed in the 200th episode of South Park.

Seems the guy is not from New York. (The website RevolutionMuslim.com is based in New York.) Rather he is from Fairfax County, just outside Washington, DC. (Road to Radicalism: The Man Behind the ‘South Park’ Threats)

This is a big story.

Comedy Central — over the objections of Trey and Parker — censored the episode because of the death threat. Once again the issue of censorship and religion hit the airways and newspapers.

Jon Stewart on The Daily Show did his take on the situation, telling the Revolution Muslim group to go F*&k Themselves as only JS can.

April 22, 2010: South Park Death Threats

(Sorry, I am having difficulty getting the video to embed properly in this site.)

And Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin talked to the animators just before the episode aired.

Now that you have the background, we come back to the local nature of this story for the Washington, DC area.

Only Foxnews.com had the DC-area connection. Fortunately a student journalist at Connect2Mason at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., saw the piece and did some digging on her own.

Seems the threat came from not only a resident of the same county as GMU but he also attended the school for one term. (Former Mason Student Responsible for Threats to South Park Creators)

And that is all there is about the case from the Washington, D.C., media.

I would think that more news outlets in the nation’s capital would be interested in the local nature of someone who wants to revisit the killing of a Dutch movie maker and the threats to Danish cartoonists.

More on this at the DC SPJ chapter web site: Threat to South Park creators came from DC-area


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