The return of the Goldman case

If there was ever a need to get serious about the media explaining what goes on in international affairs it is the sad case of Sean Goldman.

The boy was kidnapped by his mother to Brazil when he was 4 years old. The mother divorced the American father and remarried into a very well-connected and wealthy Brazilian family.

After five years of court rulings Sean was returned to his father just before Christmas 2009.

The case raised important issues about the Hague Convention and parental rights. Despite what was constantly being billed as a custody fight in most American media outlets, this was a kidnapping case under U.S. and Brazilian law and under the Hague Convention.

Now the grandmother of Sean is demanding her “rights” to see the child and is claiming the father is the kidnapper.

Unfortunately, Americans reading about the tragic circumstances won’t learn much about the legal issues involved.

It is time editors started demanding that their reporters get the terms right. And it is time that reporters who do get the terms right stand up and fight with the editors.

The American public is not served well if the only thing written/broadcast are emotional tales of woe. Give us some facts and the context.

Without the context and the facts, all we get in response are hate-filled comments. Just look at the comments in the Brazzil Magazine piece. Any thinking person should be embarrassed to have his/her name tied to any of those comments.

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