Catching up: Will MS/BING follow Google or just roll over?

Been traveling and have had limited time to file stuff.

This little gem is from March 24 on

Long time China watcher and j-prof extraordinaire Rebecca MacKinnon discusses the search engine situation in China (In China, Bing’s turn to show some spine).

Google set it’s search engine to go from to the Google site in Hong Kong automatically. Of course, this means the Chinese government had to step in and block anything from that site “contaminating” Chinese Internet users with uncensored information.

Ms. MacKinnon looks at what will BING, the Microsoft search engine, is doing about its China operations. And what MS has been doing does not look good for advocates of free and open access to information.

Figuring out the right thing to do can be particularly tough in countries like China, where people have so much to gain from greater access to global Internet platforms and tools, and the government works hard to co-opt companies to serve their purposes

So far Google has done the right thing. Let’s see who else follows.


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