The slippery slope exposed

A Brazilian judge did not believe Google does not have the technical means to block pages in its Orkut social network system.

Brazil fines Google for not censoring dirty jokes

It seems that a couple of teenagers were offended by some of the postings in Orkut and sued Google. A judge in the northern Brazilian state of Rondonia fined Google US$2,700 for each day the offending pages remain on the web site. He further ordered Google to block similar material.

When Google said it could not do what the court asked for technical reasons, the judge noted that Google had already implemented such curbs in China.

I will not get into the issue over whether the large-scale censorship Google employed in China until recently was the same as what the judge in Brazil is asking for. Rather I would just point out that once an Internet company shows it can censor somethings, there will always be elements — even in democratic societies such as Brazil — that want that power exercised to fit their ideas of decency and morality.

Come on kids. If you don’t like what is posted, fight back or don’t go there. Censorship is a big FAIL.


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