The horror continues: Mexican journalists kidnapped

The Inter American Press Association reported this week that eight Mexican journalists have been abducted in the past two weeks in the northern city of Reynosa.

See IFEX alert: Eight journalists kidnapped in two weeks

The drug cartels in northern Mexico have been on a regular campaign of intimidation against the area media outlets. Besides the latest round of kidnappings, the drug thugs have firebombed newspaper and radio station offices, killed journalists, threatened the families of journalists and bribed journalists all to get the news media to stop reporting on the growing number of drug-related deaths along the U.S.-Mexican border.

And, unfortunately, the Mexican government is moving at a snail’s base in investigating these crimes.

Last year a couple of journalists asked asylum for themselves and their families because of the violence against journalists. The U.S. government has yet to respond.

Mexico remains the most dangerous place for journalists in the Americas. And remember that includes Colombia where the FARC do the same things to journalists as the Mexican mobs.


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