Update on the Philippine masssacre

The other day I posted a piece from the Asian Human Rights Center on the journalists who were slain last year in the Philippines.

A good friend in Hong Kong pointed out that I should have noted what some other groups have said about the massacre of more than 30 journalists while traveling with an opposition political figure. (He especially wanted me to note the letter the Foreign Correspondents’ CLub of Hong Kong sent to Pres. Arroyo.)

I’ll start with the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Hong Kong, my old haunt:

Committee to Protect Journalists (latest report): CPJ welcomes indictment of 200 in Maguindanao slaying

Reporters Without Borders: Number of journalists killed in massacre rises to 30

International Federation of Journalists: IFJ Joins London Call on President Arroyo to Stamp out Impunity in the Philippines

Press freedom groups will be watching the Philippines closely to make sure that the murderers of our colleagues are brought to justice.


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