Where is the coverage?

For the past month Brazil newspapers have had screaming headlines about the corruption charges and impeachment proceedings of the governor of the country’s capital state and then the subsequent resignations of the #2 and #3 in the state government. (In USA terms it’s like the president, vice president and speaker of the house all being caught in the same scandal and being forced to resign.)

Reuters has carried the stories. AP did one story about the arrest of the governor and NOTHING about the remaining people caught up in the scandal.

The charges come not from the “usual” accusations of corruption but from a series of video tapes documenting the governor and others stuffing money in their pockets and socks. (Characters of politicians with money showing out of the tops of over-stuffed socks were popular in this year’s carnival parades.)

Brazil was just host to the US attorney general. Will receive the secretary of state. And is expecting a few more cabinet officials in the near future. So where is the coverage of what is going on in Brazil’s capital?

Brazil is a major trading partner. Brazil is needed to help get sanctions against Iran. Brazil is important to a number of important international issues.

And what does the US media cover? The latest Paris Hilton beer ad in Brazil.

And the reason I am not doing the reporting is first, I do not speak Portuguese. Rather hard to do interviews with most of the players involved. Second, my wife is a US diplomat and it is difficult to cover an issue that is heavily covered by the US diplomats without a handful of people thinking that I also work for the embassy.

But there are reporters in place. And some are doing stories. Why aren’t we seeing them in the USA news?

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