PLA officer wants tighter control of Internet in China

Maybe he was just upset that a “foreign devil” could track back the hacks to their origin in China. Or he just wants to make sure the PLA has a bigger role in strengthening the Great Firewall of China.

China PLA officer urges new Internet control agency

“Lawless elements and hostile forces at home and abroad have increasingly turned to the Internet to engage in crime, disruption, infiltration, reactionary propaganda and other sabotage activities,” Army Major General Huang Yongyin wrote.

Note the inclusion of “reactionary propaganda” with “crime” and “sabotage.”

To the Chinese government way of thinking, an Internet free of controls and censorship is reactionary, criminal and can sabotage the power structure.

The more I read this and other reports about Gen. Huang’s article the more I think he is really upset that the work of the Chinese hackers could be traced back so quickly with specificity. So, he says, China needs to strengthen its control of the Internet.

Notice the term is “control.” Not “build stronger firewalls to protect national secrets.” But control.

Showing again (from the “Well Duh!” Department) that the leadership in Beijing is afraid of their people getting uncensored information from many sources and will use any excuse to keep the Great Firewall up and running.

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