New media helps freelancers and fights repression

New media — Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. — help freelancers get stories out. It also makes them more vulnerable to repression from dictatorships. And it helps publicize that repression.

Reuters reports today that the CPJ issued a new report on the increased risks to freelancers by repressive regimes.

New media can help fight repression: watchdog group

E-mail alerts, Facebook petitions and blog posts helped raise the visibility of imprisoned journalists in Iran after crackdowns on the media in the aftermath of a disputed presidential election last June, CPJ said.

That international pressure helped in the release of high-profile journalists such as Newsweek correspondent Maziar Bahari and freelancer Roxana Saberi.

“When you attain a critical mass, when you get the blogosphere buzzing or you get people retweeting, or you get people signing petitions and passing around information on social networking, then you get the mainstream media covering it and you can build a groundswell and you can affect governments,” Joel Simon, CPJ executive director, said at the news conference.

Rest of story.

CPJ Report: A Worldwide Survey by the Committee to Protect Journalists


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