2009 deadly year for journalists

Last year 110 journalists were killed in the line of duty, making 2009 the deadliest year in the decade, according to the latest report of the International Press Institute.

The IPI and other journalism groups noted that the last decade was also one of the deadliest for media workers.
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World Press Freedom Review Managing Editor Anthony Mills said: “This decade is unlike any other, because, in conflict countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Pakistan, it has seen the deliberate targeting of journalists. Such a departure has changed the face of conflict reporting, leading to less coverage and therefore a worrying vacuum in the understanding of these complex events.”

In the Americas Colombia and Mexico lead the pack for journalism killings, according to the IPI report. Colombia is the third most dangerous place in the world for journalist with 58 killings in the past 10 years. Mexico is right behind with 38 killed in the last decade.

In the past couple of years, however, Mexico has been moving up.

According to IPI reports 11 journalists were killed in Mexico last year compared to six in Colombia. (The CPJ puts the death toll at six and two respectively.) The increase in Mexican deaths is largely due to the violence associated with the growing power of the drug cartels.

There are some differences in how to count the journalism death toll. But all groups agree that 2009 was one of the worst years.

2009 death toll


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