Update: First Caucasian Channel expected back on the air

Update on the Georgian Russian-language satellite dispute.

Noted in earlier JJW report: Russian-language station in Georgia suspended

Reported on Media.ge

First Caucasian Channel to Resume Broadcasts through American Satellite

The Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB) is conducting talks with the Hot Bird satellite network in regard to the Georgia’s Russian-language First Caucasian channel.

“It’s an American provider company being conducted the talks with,” GPB staff reported.

Hot Bird launched talks when EUTELSAT declared of its final denial to GPB over concluding the contract on the First Caucasian channel. On February 2 the Georgian side sued the French company at the Paris court.

EUTELSAT cut the GPB-based First Caucasian two-week trial broadcasting on January 28.

According to the Georgian side taking the First Caucasian channel off was due to the Russian pressure; EUTELSAT though cited the expiration of the trial period as a reason.

“From our viewpoint Russia has got less levers of pressure upon the American company,” GPB staff told Media.ge.

The contract to be concluded with Hot Bird in the near future, according to the staff, provides the First Caucasian broadcasts across Europe.

The TV broadcasts are currently available via the Internet.


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