More on Google and China

Of course the Google announcement that it was re-thinking its position in China was censored in China.

The government in China cannot allow such subversive terms such as “free speech” and “surveillance” be spread around the country. That would be foreign interference in the internal affairs of China and spiritual pollution.

Google’s Threat Echoed Everywhere, Except China

There are some rays of hope however. From outside the GOOGLE building in Beijing:

“The government should give people the right to see what they want online,” said the woman, Bing, who withheld her full name for fear that it might cause her problems at school. “The government can’t always tell lies to the people.”


If news of Google’s threat to quit China was largely muffled, there was some back-and-forth on message boards and a torrent of Twitter commentary — accessible only to those able to circumvent the Great Firewall.

“It’s not Google that’s withdrawing from China, it’s China that’s withdrawing from the world,” read one message.


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