Wired.com no longer welcomed in China

The Great Firewall strikes again.
Now added to the list of subversive material is WIRED magazine.

China Blocks Wired.com With ‘Great Firewall’

Internet users from Beijing to Shanghai found the site inaccessible starting Friday, reports Glenn Loveland, the Examiner’s Beijing correspondent. The block adds Wired.com to a long list of sites that are or have been considered too dangerous for Chinese net users.

Current blacklist members and alumni include YouTube, Facebook, the BBC, Wikipedia, Google and most recently, IMDB, an encyclopedic movie information site. China’s censorship of the net is in constant flux, aided by sets of powerful firewalls marketed to the Communist government by Western technology companies.

So is it because WIRED did a series of articles on the Great Firewall or is it because WIRED is owned by Conde Nast and the morality police in Beijing don’t like some of the photo spreads in Vanity Fair or GQ.


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