Yemen: Crackdown on media under guise of combating terrorism

This really was expected.

Even in the USA, after 9/11 there were large numbers of people in the government and the general public who would have been happy jailing journalists or at least limiting the free press rights we enjoy. So no one should be surprised with the non-democratic government of Yemen has decided to use its fight against terrorism to harass and intimidate the press.

Army machineguns protestors outside newspaper office amidst growing clampdown

Reporters Without Borders condemned Yemen’s attempt to use the current anti-terror push to crush human rights after security forces today fired on a crowd of protestors staging a ‘sit-in’ outside the offices of a banned newspaper.

The state of press freedom in the country has considerably worsened since May 2009, particularly in the south of the country. Nothing has been heard of Khalid Jahafi a journalist on the opposition news website since security forces arrested him on 27 December 2009 while he was taking photos of clashes between police officers and supporters of the southern pro-independence movement. Shafi’ al-Abd, a journalist on the newspaper al-Nada, as well as four members of the leadership of the Federation of Southern Youth, were arrested by police in Aden on 28 December, before being moved to Khor Maksar jail in Aden province. The journalist has been charged with forming a political party hostile to “security and national unity”. A court in Lahij province has also postponed indefinitely and without explanation the trial of journalist Iyyad Ghanem, who is in worsening health from a two-week hunger strike. He has been in custody for six months after filming a rally by supporters of the southern rebel groups in the city of Korsh.


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