Local-Global: Wisconsin ginseng growers work to protect their Asian markets

Anyone who cared to look, would have known that Wisconsin ginseng is popular in Asia. (I knew this because I met representatives of the Wisconsin ginseng growers in Shanghai 15 years ago.)

And now the inevitable is happening, inferior ginseng grown in China or other parts of Asia is getting the “Made in Wisconsin” label. And the Wisconsin growers are fighting back. (Farmers hope ‘grown in Wisconsin’ sells in China)

Local reporters could look at local production and follow where the goods are going. Is anything going overseas? How much of the local production is exported? And to what country?

A good place to start is the annual report on trade: FT900: U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services

And there is the State Report of the Top 25 Commodities and Countries: 2005 – 2008.

For example, Virginia exported $2.7 billion to of goods to Canada, $1 billion to the U.K., and $943 million to China. And the #1 items was integrated circuit boards. Number 2 was coal, followed by aircraft parts.

BTW, the integrated circuit exports jumped from ZERO in 2005 to $9 billion in 2008.

Actually I was surprised by that. I never realized the change.

So why aren’t there more stories about this?

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