China extends censorship activities

As of Dec. 5 Hong Kong owned Sun TV was blocked from all cable companies in China.

The move came because of its outspoken talk shows. The “outspokenness” that most irked the rulers in Beijing were calls for political reform.

In another move, Chinese authorities conducted raids that netted more than 3,000 arrests related to pornographic web sites. (For Beijing, discussion of political reform is akin to pornography but even the leaders in Zhongnanhai did not publicly link the Sun case and the arrests.)

The central government has been cracking down on local media even as more journalists seem willing to push the envelope against censorship. Making sure the “right” message gets out, Communist Party and government leaders punish anyone who steps out of line. Interestingly, the editor of the only Chinese newspaper to interview President Obama during his visit last month was subsequently demoted.

We still haven’t heard why. But then again, Beijing has never been big on explaining their actions.


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