See Hong Kong FCC luncheon speakers online

The Foreign Correspondents Club of Hong Kong has a rich history of great luncheon speakers. Luncheon speakers I heard during my four years in Hong Kong included some of the great names in Asian politics and arts as well as quite a handful of big names from the West. I met P.J. O’Rourke at the first luncheon I attended. One of the last lunches I hosted as a board member of the FCC was with Michelle Yeoh.

The discussions were never boring and always interesting.

Now the rest of the world can join in the fun.

Just go to the FCC page for the lunches (FCC Lunch and Dinner Speakers) and click on the speaker you are interested in hearing.

And, if you are a journalist, don’t forget to stop by the club when you are in Hong Kong. It still has the best bar in Asia. (And one of the best Indian chefs in Hong Kong.)



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4 responses to “See Hong Kong FCC luncheon speakers online

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  3. I’ve been putting the speeches online actually since 2007. I’m a former president of the FCC (2004-2005). You can hear all the speeches dating back to 2007 at and also see the videos for most of them. You’ll need Quicktime. You can also subscribe to my iTunes page via the iTunes Store and download them to your iPod.

    Matt Driskill

    • kubiske

      My apologizes to Matt.

      I got an e-mail from a colleague in Hong Kong who said, back in December or so, “Did you know we are now putting the speeches online?”

      I took that to mean NOW as is they just started it.

      One of the things I miss not being in Hong Kong is the FCC and its excellent series of luncheon speakers. I am glad I can poke in every now and then via the Internet.

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