CNN Reporter detained in Shanghai

In Beijing CNN reporter Emily Chang bought a t-shirt that depicted Pres. Obama as Chairman Mao.

She took it with her to Shanghai to cover the president. As part of a shot she held up the shirt.

That’s when Chinese security thugs tried to take the shirt away.

Seems the Chinese government had promised a while ago that all these shirts would be collected and destroyed shortly after the story got out about them. Well, maybe they were and maybe they weren’t. But they did exist.

As part of her story about the shirts, Chang pulled out hers to show the camera.

And, as usual, the Chinese security forces figured that they can just bully their way around and get what they want and by destroying any evidence that such a thing existed they can say it never existed. (Do’t you just love the Orwellian mindset?)

Oops. Not this time.

CNN Reporter Detained in China for Holding Anti-Obama T-Shirt
and here is Emily’s story: Obama communist T-Shirt Tussle


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