The right tool (If you are into repression)

Ran across this great commentary by Alyaksandr Yanusik at the Transitions Online web site. He cataloged many of the methods used to shut down independent journalism.

The Right Tool for the Job.

Some highlights:

  • Uzbekistan is the top jailer, with 10 journalists behind bars with severe sentences.
  • Kyrgyzstan is the undisputed leader in physical assaults. Six journalists have been physically attacked there since the start of 2009.
  • In countries like Russia, murder is the favored way to square accounts because it is easy for the perpetrators to get away unpunished.
  • If you are reporting from Kazakhstan, watch out while driving or crossing the road. The country stands out for a high road death rate among reporters.
  • The authorities in Belarus are skilled in using nonviolent methods to keep the media in check. The government controls all national television networks, most printing plants, and newspaper distribution systems. Critical newspapers have simply been kicked out of printing plants or prevented from being sold at newsstands or by subscription.


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