Pakistani journalists held after looking into Mumbai terrorist attack

Reporters Without Borders reports today that journalists, Rab Nawaz Joya and Javed Kanwal Chandor, have been held since 10 November in a police station in Okara district, in the northeastern province of Punjab. They were arrested for helping Pakistani and international news media get background information about Ajmal Kasab, a participant in the November 2008 terrorist attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai.

It seems what the journalists were doing contradicted the official Pakistan government line that Kasab was Pakistani.

Two journalists held after helping media probe Mumbai attacker’s background

The journalists are officially charged with embezzlement and theft. But according to RSF:

Lahore-based journalists who spoke to them in the police station where they are being held in very poor conditions quoted them as saying they were being punished for “helping national and international media know more about Ajmal Kasab” and for helping reporters to get to Faridkot, the village near Depalpur where Kasab is from.



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