Showing support for journalists

The journalists of Georgia (the country not the U.S. state) are working hard to protect their independence and to improve their skills.

Helping spread the word about what is going on in that country is

The interesting thing about is who is supporting this web site. Funding and expertise for the site come from the U.S. embassy in Georgia, the Open Society Georgia Foundation and the National Endowment for Democracy.

In a previous posting I suggested the U.S. government needs to provide more financial support for journalism training and exchanges in developing countries. is an excellent example of how the U.S. government can — in a hands off manner — provide support to journalists looking for support and training.

And let’s not forget that the NED is a U.S. government institute that distributes money to the international arms of the AFL-CIO, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Republican and Democratic Parties.


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