Killings in Mexico continue and so does the lack of action

Article 19 called on the Mexican government this week to seriously investigate the killing of journalist José Bladimir Antuna García in Durango, Mexico. (ARTICLE 19 Calls for Immediate Investigation into Attacks as Ninth Journalist Murdered)

Mexico remains the most dangerous place for journalists in the Western Hemisphere and second most dangerous place in the world.

Besides the just plain wrongness of the killings, the lack of response by the Mexican government is a major problem. The central government has made a lot of noises about seriously investigating the killings but have done little.

The killings and attacks are laid at the doorstep of the drug cartels. It is perhaps because of the strength of the cartels and weakness of the federal and state governments in Mexico that the killings and attacks continue. (Let’s face it, the drug barons can pay police and military forces more than the government can.)

The central government repeatedly promises the international community and visiting delegations of human rights groups that it will seriously look into the killings/attacks and prosecute the offenders. In the past 5 years all that  has resulted is more promises and more killings.


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