Mexico Congress scraps special committee

Mexico is one of the most deadly places to work as a journalist. The Committee to Protect Journalists reports that so far this year there have been 4 journalists killed in Mexico. Just to put this in perspective, so far only 4 journalists have been killed in Iraq and Pakistan.

And the worst part of it all is that 2009 is a “good” year.

As heinous as the killings are, the fact that the local and national governments did little to catch the murderers. (The conventional wisdom is that the journalists were killed by drug cartels. The journalists were looking into the inter-cartel battles as well as corruption related to the drug wars.)

To get things moving, a few years ago the Inter American Press Association started Project Impunity to pressure governments in the Western Hemisphere to deal with the killings.

And now, the Mexican government has apparently decided that looking into this issue is no longer a concern. The IAPA released a statement condemning the action.

Not a good decision, Mexican congress.


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