International and domestic issues merge

The Boston Globe has a great story about the conditions of Brazilian and Dominicans in Massachusetts.

Snapshot of 2 immigrant groups

Regional Brazilian, Dominican report to raise more legal, health questions

A new comparison of two of the region’s largest immigrant groups suggests that Brazilians are more likely to be uninsured and to suffer high levels of stress than immigrants from the Dominican Republic.

Brazilians were also far more likely to be here illegally and less likely to file income taxes, according to the findings to be presented today at Boston City Hall.

The authors say that the study offers the first statistically credible estimates of the legal status, health, and integration of immigrants in a seven-county labor market in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire and that the results raise major policy questions for federal, state, and local officials.

Rest of story.

This is the kind of story that lead to more stories.

By using Census Bureau data, reporters can look at more details about these immigrant communities on a state-wide and national level. They can also do a little more reporting and learn more about WHY these immigrants came to the States. (For a better life is the standard line, but maybe the reporters could find out more about the living and working conditions in the DomReb and Brazil when the bulk of the immigrants came over.)

Reporters could compare the situation of these two groups with other ethnic or immigrant groups. How does the DomRep/Brazilian situation compare to Central Americans? Asians? African-Americans? Irish? etc. (And yes, much of the information can be easily had at the Census Bureau.


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