Some good news: Honduras to lift emergency provisions

After saying over and over again the overthrow of a not-so nice but democratically elected president of Honduras was not a coup, the provisional government acted in a coup-like manner and suspended the constitution.

That little move pulled the rug out from under a bunch of conservative senators in the United States who are holding up some of Pres. Obama’s diplomatic nominations. The senators, led by Jim DeMint (R-SC), said the ouster of Zelaya was necessary because he was ignoring court and legislative decrees.

And granted Zelaya was no friend of free press or civil liberties. He is a Chavez wannabe without the political (or apparently intellectual) skills of the Venezuelan. But he was elected and the elections coming up did not look good for him to stay in power.

Unless he did a power grab.

But if he did that, then the world would be against him and not holding him up as some sort of saint of democracy.

From the BBC

Honduras ‘to lift emergency rule’

Honduras’ interim leader has said he will ask ministers to lift an emergency decree imposed after the country’s president was ousted in a June coup.

The decree suspended some civil liberties and also shut down two radio stations loyal to the president.

Roberto Micheletti told a television station that he would ask for the laws to be lifted.

President Manuel Zelaya secretly returned to the country two weeks ago, taking refuge in Brazil’s embassy.


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One response to “Some good news: Honduras to lift emergency provisions

  1. Unfortunately, little action has been taken as of yet to actually repeal the decree. The two Zelaya-supporting radio stations remain closed, and people are not being allowed to freely organize. Whether or not the delay is intended to affect upcoming elections is an important point which DeMint and his buddies have failed to address.


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