Pew Report: Foreign affairs dominates coverage

Ordinarily many of us would be happy to hear that foreign affairs’ issues dominated the news cycle.

But let’s look at what the Pew Research Center for the Project for Excellence in Journalism reported:

PEJ News Coverage Index: September 21-27, 2009

For a Change, Foreign Policy Drives the News

Let’s look at what is covered.

The opening of the United Nations’ General Assembly dominated the news reports last week.

Why? I would bet largely because  President Obama made his first U.N. speech.

But there were also the leaders from Libya and Iran. Definately newsworthy.

The next international item was Afghanistan.

No surprise there.

And then Iran.

Again. No surprise there.

In the case of Afghanistan, the issue is the war. And war is a regular feature of international news.

In the case of Iran, the nuclear and missile crises were the key points. (And it doesn’ t hurt to have a president who says goofy things to get some ink.)

As far as the United Nations is concerned, the stories that came out hardly had anything to do with the major issues the U.N. will be facing nor with the work being done in the body. It was all about the speeches of a handful of colorful characters.


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