Mexican journalism still deadly profession

Mexican journalists who dare to speak out against the drug cartels that seem to operate with impunity in Northern Mexico are an endangered breed.

Despite loads of money and a serious effort by the national government, local Mexican authorities all along the U.S.-Mexican border either can’t control the situation or don’t care to. (For many, they think it is the latter more than the former.)

Those that are not killed are silenced by intimidation or they flee to the United States to see asylum and safety.

One publication was bombed because the paper printed the cause of death of individuals in the obits. Too many were killed because of gang-related attacks. The cartel leaders decided this kind of “publicity” was not good.

The newspaper eventually stopped reporting any deaths.

Many of the cartels get tacit support from corrupt local government leaders. Despite efforts by the central government in Mexico City, the bribes that the drug dealers can shell out is many times the pay of law enforcement officials. So the killings continue.

The intimidation of Mexican journalists and the Mexican drug wars does not stop at the border.

Drug wars spill out into American cities.

And the latest death in the war against journalists is Norberto Miranda Madrid, Director of Radio Vision’s Web page. He was gunned down September 24 in the border town Casa Grandes, Chihuahua. He was shot execution style in his newsroom.

Earlier report from the Knight Center for Journalism.


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